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    • Quote: Cardinal Rule reminds me of the acoustic version of That's the Way (far superior to the original by the way). But probably needs an electric finish. I agree with you about "That's the Way (My Love Is)". The acoustic version is so beautiful that it almost brings me to tears. I really like "Cardinal Rule". It's a lot better than a majority of the songs that wound up on Monuments.
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    • So, Billy has confirmed on Twitter that they will be playing "Geek U.S.A." and "Mayonaise". In addition, the chance is low that they will be playing any songs from Zeitgeist. And he also said that Jimmy sounds great on the Monuments songs, which should come as no surprise to anyone.
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    • Right, well, here's the first new Timmy Time song: And here's a second one: I think they're two of his best solo songs so far - I think I even prefer the second one to the first one. Such a cool sound. Could almost fit on Adore :) Oh, and I checked this out after the new Bowness song, as I'd...
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    • Quote: The term 'Nightmare' doesn't fit the song's message in my view at all. It's like the opposite of a nightmare. When you're imagining the Night Mare 'riding on' through the night time landscapes it's the most beautiful thing you can visualize. It might be sad in one light but also it points to what I feel is the deeper truth of who we are inside. I was unaware of this, but you are 100% correct. My...
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earthcrossing . 1085 days ago
Quasar When I first listened to this song, on the free Soundcloud listening session, I said merely, "This is sounding pretty good so far..." and dude, that was such an understatement. Even as the song unfolded my jaw was on the floor and I was thinking, Can I really, truly be hearing this? Is this...
6And7And3And9 . 1324 days ago
I've Never Payed Any Attention To ZwanAnybody Have Any Song Recommendations From Them For Me?If So, Can U Add A Tiny Bit Of Despription Of The Track For me? Thank U :7
Strayz1 . 1370 days ago
I started college last week in a completely new city surrounded by completely new people and I'm still reeling from the loneliness I felt, I know some might say that it takes time but I'm a shy person and it's just something I'm really worried about. My girlfriend is living 3 hours away and so I onl...
stashacolin . 1378 days ago
adore, ME...corgan! http://www.youtube.com/user/stashthecocoa let me know what u think? xo stasha


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