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    • Another Billy Corgan dream last night. Another one. You'd think I'd have someone else to dream about by now. It was kind of like I won a competition or something, and that's why I was hanging with Billy. I wound up asking him a bunch of questions that seemed to annoy him. I remember one question was about upping the ante. I asked him how he approaches outdoing what he did before. How progression...
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    • Yeah, it's only slightly Wilson related, so here's something about the Thief: I've been listening to another playlist of Pineapple Thief songs tonite and I found something that really distracts me from fully enjoying the songs. It's the lyrics. Really, is there no other topic for Bruce other than love songs? How awesome would that be to ever listen to a TPT album about something a little more...
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    • I did manage to go to the teahouse once, during some of my last days living in Chicago. I don't quite remember what it was, but I remember it was red and sweetish, possibly something like a hibiscus blend. Generally I don't like teas like that though, so I couldn't say if it was top notch quality or not. But the pastries were pretty disappointing. Rock-hard vegan brownies and such, which seemed...
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earthcrossing . 992 days ago
Quasar When I first listened to this song, on the free Soundcloud listening session, I said merely, "This is sounding pretty good so far..." and dude, that was such an understatement. Even as the song unfolded my jaw was on the floor and I was thinking, Can I really, truly be hearing this? Is this...
6And7And3And9 . 1231 days ago
I've Never Payed Any Attention To ZwanAnybody Have Any Song Recommendations From Them For Me?If So, Can U Add A Tiny Bit Of Despription Of The Track For me? Thank U :7
Strayz1 . 1277 days ago
I started college last week in a completely new city surrounded by completely new people and I'm still reeling from the loneliness I felt, I know some might say that it takes time but I'm a shy person and it's just something I'm really worried about. My girlfriend is living 3 hours away and so I onl...
stashacolin . 1285 days ago
adore, ME...corgan! http://www.youtube.com/user/stashthecocoa let me know what u think? xo stasha


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