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    • Hints for a 2018 reunion tour? (11 Posts)
    • WOOOO! I couldn't be more excited about all the news! So amazing to see James and Billy and Jimmy back together!! In my opinion, it's too bad to see how bitter D'arcy has become with her interview doing everything she can to slander Billy and ruin this great moment for fans. She was always a dark force in the band and I think it's wise of them to not invite her back. If I recall, a lot of us...
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    • Hey Everyone! (1 Posts)
    • Hey everyone! Long time no see, it's great to be back!! I got locked out of my account for a few years and couldn't figure out how to get back in until now lol. Anyone out there from the good 'ole days?? Crazy to think I joined this forum 12 years ago!! Sad to see that everything in the "Music" section has been taken down. What ever happened to "MurderMcMurderson" the original admin? Anyway,...
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Caption Contest - Contest 1


Written by Guest
:billy so james, is this how you got around as a child?  
:james no, i'm 3rd generation japanese

Written by thatscooliguess

The first (and last) time the smashing pumpkins used group therapy exercises

Written by Guest

"Due to the band's re-formation, the SPs take extra care to arrive unnoticed for their first live show."

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earthcrossing . 2048 days ago
Quasar When I first listened to this song, on the free Soundcloud listening session, I said merely, "This is sounding pretty good so far..." and dude, that was such an understatement. Even as the song unfolded my jaw was on the floor and I was thinking, Can I really, truly be hearing this? Is this...
6And7And3And9 . 2287 days ago
I've Never Payed Any Attention To ZwanAnybody Have Any Song Recommendations From Them For Me?If So, Can U Add A Tiny Bit Of Despription Of The Track For me? Thank U :7
Strayz1 . 2333 days ago
I started college last week in a completely new city surrounded by completely new people and I'm still reeling from the loneliness I felt, I know some might say that it takes time but I'm a shy person and it's just something I'm really worried about. My girlfriend is living 3 hours away and so I onl...
stashacolin . 2341 days ago
adore, ME...corgan! http://www.youtube.com/user/stashthecocoa let me know what u think? xo stasha


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