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    • An Update on New Music from WPC (60 Posts)
    • Quote: Just listened to the album start to finish. Essentially BC's version of Let It Come Down. I'm not going to compare it too much to SP music because that would be shortchanging it given he's using his solo name. However it can be fairly compared to The Future Embrace which absolutely SLAUGHTERS this album from start to finish. I've kinda gotta agree with Frank here. I mean, the songwriting is...
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    • I was very pleased that TPT's debut album was reissued too - also an instant order :) I hadn't listened to it in years, but it's actually a great album and I'm enjoying "rediscovering" it now (and nice to have the CD to add to my collection). I do think TPT have gone off track with the last couple of albums. Although they're quite enjoyable, they do feel underwhelming at the same time. They seem...
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Caption Contest - Contest 41

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Written by Abomb
Billy's S&M fantasies - the reason for the band's 2000 breakup. 

Written by
While James, Billy, and Jimmy have to make sure their deodorant hasn't worn off, Mellisa knows she's set for the day.

Written by spaceboy90
The band's collective narcolepsy posed a problem for the photographer, but he found a simple solution.

Written by Demo
The ill-fated "Machina- The gods of the musical"tour.

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earthcrossing . 1959 days ago
Quasar When I first listened to this song, on the free Soundcloud listening session, I said merely, "This is sounding pretty good so far..." and dude, that was such an understatement. Even as the song unfolded my jaw was on the floor and I was thinking, Can I really, truly be hearing this? Is this...
6And7And3And9 . 2198 days ago
I've Never Payed Any Attention To ZwanAnybody Have Any Song Recommendations From Them For Me?If So, Can U Add A Tiny Bit Of Despription Of The Track For me? Thank U :7
Strayz1 . 2244 days ago
I started college last week in a completely new city surrounded by completely new people and I'm still reeling from the loneliness I felt, I know some might say that it takes time but I'm a shy person and it's just something I'm really worried about. My girlfriend is living 3 hours away and so I onl...
stashacolin . 2252 days ago
adore, ME...corgan! http://www.youtube.com/user/stashthecocoa let me know what u think? xo stasha


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