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...and why shouldn't I write a blog!?

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Hello, I am dreaded ThePumpkins.net community song poster, bitcher and complainer.  I really don't know anything about that internet lingo [ie, lol, etc.] so don't expect any of that here, don't know really what a blog is either, but since I got time on my hands I figured that I would rant on, pretty much of what I've been told a blog is anyway.


First of all to say thank you to those who got the joke of the songs I posted, it really is that simple!   It's all about having a good time afterall, and I just assumed some people would enjoy some humor I suppose, if you didn't find it funny and think that Billy Corgan got offended somehow and needs YOU to defend him...oh God, do I even have to respond to that!  Bottom line is, I'm sure if he cared, he would either say something to me personally or contact the administrator and ask them to remove everything...


Second of all, that same said Smashing Pumpkins community, a community I dreaded for years, there's some kind of weird clique going on like their the cool kids in high school or something, trust me I'm not trying to fit in and what the hell for?  Smashing Pumpkins may be my favorite band yes, and I am an avid collector of all things Smashing, I also have this thing where I bathe everyday too, might be a disease, I don't know!?


I find it really strange to have pretty much everything I've posted thus far attacked for no apparent reason, but I guess everybody's an internet celebrity these days so...  But hey, in all fairness, nobody's attacked my "Glass And The Ghost Children" cover yet, and I think it's horrid!  The one that got to me finally was the fact that everybody seems to praise "Shame" [and thank you for that] but then some jackass goes in there and writes a comment like "The James Iha section is out of tune!"....WHAT?  What does he/she mean by "James Iha section"?  I mean if you're going to point out stupid shit like that, you might as well just listen to the Adore album because you won't find what you're looking for here, you're just a simple Smashing Pumpkins fan and that's it!  Go to a fan site that has a basic album discography or something...this is a supposed community afterall, kinda like sharing...and sharing is supposed to be nice, my annonymous internet celebrity chum!


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