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Why the heck does no one write blogs here!?

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I don't get it! I would have figured all of the bloggers would have moved here since blogging in SmashingPumpkins.com had been disabled, but nope! Well, screw the status quo! I'm gonna write a blog because I'm tired of seeing my other blog up there!!! HA!!!

 Finally, the summer weather of 100 degrees has seemed to finally cool off! It's rainy outside now (and I LOVE rain, clouds, any type of precip, and night. What, I don't like the sun! Got a problem with that?)

Fandemonium, a local convention, is going to be held tomorrow and the next two days afterwards. Pretty cool I'd say! It has everything from authors, artists, video game designers, and tons of other stuff too! I'm psyched about it!

 At SP.com I used to write poems and put them up for people to read, but since blogging was disabled there (as I said earlier) I'm debating whether or not I should blog here and put my poems up here instead...

 So yeah, I'm survivng pretty well so far today! 


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