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Intro to me...for you

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I just thought I'd write something here to give a little intro! I was born in 1980 and it was only in about 1994 that I uncovered the wonder that is the Smashing Pumpkins. Almost ever since, they've been my favourite band. The first video I saw was "Disarm", and this was also the first song I knew by them (first time was when I saw the vid). Since then, I've collected every CD/single/soundtrack I can get my hands on, though I have yet to complete my collection. Billy Corgan is a genius and I would love oh so much to marry the man. Hehe.

I saw the Pumpkins for the first time live in 2007 (I know, sooooo late!!). I'm Australian but I happened to be travelling in the US at the right time, and got to see them at the Tucson Electric Park as part of the Fall Ball. Then I got to see them in San Diego a few days later. So awesome!! The SD show was the absolute highlight of my musical life, with three glorious hours of Pumpkiny goodness, and the most hair-raising rendition of "Silverfuck" I could ever have hoped for. I'm not too sure what to make of the new SP stuff coming out, but I'm going to reserve final judgement until I've listened enough to be sure of what I think.

As of today, my fave album is Mellon Collie, though it's pretty hard to choose. There is no way on earth I could choose a favourite song, because there are so many, including all the amazing b-sides and rarities. It astounds me how huge the SP catalogue is, but it's just another reason to love this band. If you think you know it all, you'll soon be proven wrong when you uncover yet another unknown demo, remix, or stunning live version.

I also love Billy's solo album, though it wasn't a perfect album (for me, anyway). I liked Zwan too, and some of it I loved, but the whole religious angle doesn't do much for me. In fact, I try to ignore it where possible. :D


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