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Last.fm & Pumpkins scrobbles

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Well, I've been a member of Last.fm for years, and while there have been times when I wasn't able to scrobble, i.e. no internet or whatever, I've still racked up quite a lot of listens over there. The other night I hit 4000 listens of the Pumpkins, and they are by far my no. 1 band on there.


Ironically none of their tunes were in my overall top-listened songs, until last night when my 38th listen of "Waiting" (at least the 38th where Last.fm could hear) was added to the talley and the song snuck into the top 30. But I think the reason the top 30 is generally taken up by songs by other artists is that there are so many amazing Pumpkins songs to listen to that the listens tend to get spread out across many more tunes...instead of focusing on just a handful, like I do with many other bands.

That's my philosophy, anyway. :)


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