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My Favourite Aggressive Pumpkins

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Just thought I'd make this here list and tell you people about my personal favourite Aggressive Pumpkin tunes

1. Geek USA Live 1994


This is one of my favourite performances of Geek, both Jimmy and Billy show their worth in this performance while D'Arcy and Jame's seem to struggle at times it truly showed the winning formula that made the original Pumpkins a feast for the eyes and ears during this period.

2. X.Y.U. Live Rio De Janeiro 1996 (?)


Yet again another video showing the Pumpkins at their peak during the mid-90's.

This performance shatters me every time and I imagine for those there it would of left them shacking for weeks by the power and passion produced by Billy and Co.

3. I am One Live Siamese Dream era


This video proves one thing; tension and angst between band members makes for one hell of a show...

Well that was 3 performances that I listen to when after a bit of aggression, do you agree? Do you not? Leave a comment below and share your top performances :)


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