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'Cottonwood Symphony'

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I just got my (BEAUTIFUL) 'Solstice Bare' ep in the mail, and the first thing I did was plop in side B to listen to 'Cottonwood Symphony'.  I think it's a very beautiful song!  It feels a little simple at first, but the subtle hints of violin make it more than just a dainty little ukulele (or banjo?) song.  I've listened to it a few times now and I can only compare it to the 'American Gothic' ep.  It would easily be my favorite song on that ep.  Anyways, I wasn't expecting the box to be this gorgeous, nor was I quite prepared for how excellent the vinyl graphics are.  Everything about this ep is just so... adorable.  Who's gotten theirs?  What are your opinions?  Can we get a Cottonwood Symphony vinyl rip soon for those with capable tech? :)


My only cons on this release are a noticeable lack of artwork inside and how it's obviously much larger than 'Songs for a Sailor', so all 11 ep's won't stack up proportionately.  I wish 'Songs for a Sailor' was on a 45 :/


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