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Frankie's Top 30 Albums (Continued)

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WHO: Bryan Adams, not to be confused with Ryan Adams. If you don’t know Bryan Adams, then you don’t know your rock music. With songs back in the day like Cuts Like A Knife and Summer of 69, he was the coolest kid on the block. OK. Maybe I’m just messing with you a bit. I mean, he’s obviously a little bit gay. I don’t think I’ve ever heard lyrics about woman from a man like this before. He’s like a little boy trapped in an old man’s garage.



WHAT: I hope you don’t hate me too much for this selection. I mean, come on. I know it’s gay. It’s just … so gay. How could it be number 18 of my top 30 albums though? I’ll tell you why.

Waking Up The Neighbors was the first album of rock music I ever heard in my entire life. I must’ve been five years old when I heard these songs. I can visually see myself the night I first heard it, throwing myself around the lounge room of my parent’s friends’ house while they had dinner and wine in the other room. Silly as this might sound, I probably had more fun that night than I have these days.


So Waking Up the Neighbors is my favorite Adams album almost by default. Not too many hits on here I’m afraid. In fact there’s plenty of tracks on here I’m not too keen on.


But then there are the classics.


Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven is my childhood encapsulated, Don’t Drop That Bomb on Me is a heart wrenching rocker, and best of all is the masterpiece epic Everything I Do. Love him or hate him, Adams clearly has talent. And I’d be lying to leave him off.



WHEN: Released in 1991


Present Listening Status – Once a month … when I’m really, really drunk.



WHERE: If I’m not lucky enough to hear one of the hits on the radio during my drunken binge, there is the off chance that I might have this on my MP3 player to chuck on my friend’s computer. Usually there will be someone who stands up like: “What the fuck is this shit?”

But fuck those guys, cause they act like that for every Smashing Pumpkins song as well (excluding 1979).



WHY: My first rock album, still providing a pump to present day.


Frankie’s Track Picks


Everything I Do

Thought I’d Died and Gone To Heaven

Don’t Drop That Bomb on Me



#17 Michael Jackson DANGEROUS



WHO: Continuing Frankie’s trend of gay rockstars, today I have for you Michael Jackson. You know who he is. Say whatever you want, you cannot deny he was the most talented musicians the world has ever seen. He might have been crazy, but he had an amazing voice. God rest his soul. He’s with Jesus now ;)



WHAT: As with Bryan Adam’s Waking Up the Neighbours, Michael’s 91’ album Dangerous was forced upon me as a child. I couldn’t not like it. I was addicted to every single song on the album. You could literally pick a song at random and I’d be able to tell you how much I loved it. And guess what. Nothing’s changed.


Of course now I respect Dangerous in a completely different way. It’s an album that evoke’s emotion in me. It’s an album that evokes groove. Album opener Jam sets the stage. Explosive, bitter, intricately layered, surprising – and a song that makes  me get up and dance. Track two Why you wanna trip on me? showcases Jackson’s diversity as he implements a conventionally different song, but with as much energy and emotion that was in track one. And guess what.

Those two might be the two worst songs on the album.


That’s right, it only gets better from here. Next up are singles In the Closet and Remember the Time. Both are emotional crowd pleasers, and Closet is perhaps deserving of classic status, but after a couple of decent filler tracks the album takes a very interesting turn at Track 7. Here we are presented with one of the most pure and uplifting songs of time, Heal the World. It’s songs like this that just make the eyes boggle, when you think about his crazy antics. Because this song is from one of the most holy and loving places that has graced the music industry.


Next up is the tremendous Black and White, followed by what I consider to be Michael Jackson’s best song (and probably least known) Who Is It. If you haven’t heard that one, then chuck it on and turn it up. You’ll be tearing up in no time ;)


The album concludes on a high with several uplifting and philosophical pieces of expression, before finally ending on title track Dangerous, which might just be the angriest song on the album. With such a diverse range of songs and emotions, I can’t omit this from my list, however gay Michael might be.



WHEN: Released in 1991


Present Listening Status – At the moment … once every two or three months. I’ve got too much other stuff to listen to lol.



WHERE: Another one to take a six pack down the road with.



WHY: Not a bad song on the album.


Frankie’s Track Picks


Who Is It

Will You Be There


Heal the World

Black or White

In The Closet

Give Into Me




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