My thoughts on Oceania so far...

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When I first listened to this song, on the free Soundcloud listening session, I said merely, "This is sounding pretty good so far..." and dude, that was such an understatement. Even as the song unfolded my jaw was on the floor and I was thinking, Can I really, truly be hearing this? Is this real? And I mean that in a good way. 'Cause though I do like many bits of Zeitgeist, I really wasn't hoping for anything better than that from Oceania... The opening track immediately gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, I would get what I'd been waiting for a really long time! (hey, 7 years is a long time. right?)


I liked the title, but didn't know (of course) if I could expect to like the song. Keep in mind that I had not heard any live recordings of these songs, so had no clue what I was in for. In short, after "Quasar" ended this song kicked in like a seriously hard kick to the face - only way less painful. Hehe. Seriously, I love this song, it kicks so much butt. At first I wasn't really sure which I preferred, this or "Quasar", but I think now I can say that I prefer this one. I love the chorus a. lot. This is gonna be kick arse to see live in concert!

The Celestials

I do like this one, in fact I consider it a really beautiful song. But it hasn't grabbed me like other songs on the album have either. I can imagine this song potentially getting more airplay on my "radio" in future, however I don't think it'll overtake other songs on the album like "Panopticon", "Wildflower", "Pinwheels" or "Pale Horse". I definitely think it's got a good place on the album. To me, no song on this album feels out of place.

Violet Rays

This is another one that I am impressed by, but that hasn't gripped me. I do think it's beautiful and there is something about the title that beguiles me and draws me in. Yes, I am a fan of song titles as well. A good haunting song and pretty and sad and, yeah, I like it. A lot! A whole lot!

My Love Is Winter

This one is a nice rocker and I definitely heartily approve of it. It's another that didn't really grip me, but that's okay, I still love it and the only reason I'd ever skip it was if I was totally addicted to another song on the album and wanted needed had to listen to that other song immediately or else face possible expiration. Which has been known to happen lately, while exploring this album. :)

One Diamond, One Heart

At first I was a bit leery of this song, due to what appeared to be the sheer sickly sweetness of it, but I'm getting to know it better and I'm liking it better too. Again it's one that I haven't been absolutely thrashing, but I still wouldn't have a reason to skip it unless I was currently addicted to some other song that I simply had to hear at the moment this one started.


This is the first of the songs that I realised was plaguing my brain while I wasn't listening to any music at all (I went on a week's holiday and listened to hardly any music at all during that week). I would find myself plagued by it at night while trying to get to sleep, during the day while swimming in the pool or driving out into the countryside...basically it plagued me until I listened to it. And after I listened to it, it plagued me even more. But I'm quite happy to be plagued by this beautiful piece of music. At the moment it could be my favourite on the album, if other songs weren't constantly vying for attention and getting a whole heap of it.


This...may be my least favourite song on the album. I haven't quite decided on which song gets that honour, but this one just doesn't really thrill me. Usually I love SP's epic numbers, but for me this one is mostly uninteresting. It does have its interesting parts, in fact all the parts are interesting in a way I suppose, but still, it's probably the one I've listened to least out of the whole album. That said, if this is the worst song on the album (in my opinion), then it must be a bloody impressive album.

Pale Horse

A definite favourite. In fact, one of the two songs that have been plaguing me in the last week, insisting that I listen and listen and listen (the other being "Pinwheels". It's a gorgeous, unusual, slightly haunting song, and I approve heartily. I can already imagine the chants of "Thorazine, Thorazine...!" at the concert. Woo! ;)

The Chimera

I cannot wait to dance to this one at the show - assuming they play it !!! Definitely infectious and energetic are two words that describe it - exhilarating and fun and addictive I'd add to the list too ;) Probably makes me go "WAHOOOOO!" out loud more than any other song on the album...except maybe the opener.


I can see and hear that it's good, and I do really like it, but it's not one that's become addictive for some reason. Maybe it will become so later on. But for now, I'm not listening to this one over and over and over again incessantly. I guess it just didn't grab me that way. Then again it is much preferable to some of what can be found on Zeitgeist, and some of the songs I've heard from TG.


I like this one. It's another that hasn't really "gripped me violently", but it's still a nice, solid rock song. I think I've only listened to it 3 times at this point. I am not really sure what to say about it other than what I've already said here. I like it, I think it's a good song, but it hasn't really stood out to me compared to what else is on the album.


I've seen a lot of people saying they wish this song had been left off the album, and...quite frankly, I don't get it! Maybe you think that "Inkless" was a better way to end the album, but I guess I've never been an "album design" sort of person. If a song is good, then I'm glad it's on the album. In my opinion, this song is not just good but it's beautiful and moving and stunning. So, yeah, I'm happy this is on the album and it is definitely one of my favourites from the album (that said, there are 6 songs on the album that I LOVE 100% EQUALLY to each other, and this is one of those).


Has anyone had the impression that their impressions of Oceania are coloured by more recent releases and a comparison between Oceania and those releases? I mean, I know for some people, Zeitgeist is their favourite of all the SP albums (I will never understand this), but for a lot of us, it was probably the weak point. Then again I did meet a guy recently who thinks Adore was the worst of all the albums. I know, mindboggling. hehe. Anyway, I did wonder at first if I was so stunned and amazed by this album because it wasn't as bad as Zeitgeist (which, yes, I did like in many parts, and even love in some parts, just for the record). But now that I've had an obsessive listening binge that is in fact still ongoing, I think I can safely say it's not just that I'm relieved. I'm thrilled. I'm overjoyed. I'm ecstatic that BC has delivered this album, with help from his new friends of course, and that I now have new SP songs to add to my "beloved SP songs" list. It's a very long list.

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