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ON April 10, 1999 I opened my front door all ready to go see The Smashing Pumpkins in Detroit. On a blind date set up by friends.

I cant say I was "pleasantly surprised" because my immediate thought was=Oh my God, this guy is gorgeous.  I could tell he was nervous but we got in the van and away we went.  We talked with very few pauses on the at least hour drive.  And what was more impressive, when we had to ask where to go to get there--HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I was more than impressed, and I had the most awesome concert experience. Before the show started we saw Billy in his long black coat and larger than my whole life. 

We were a few rows of standing people back from the stage when the show started, and after a couple songs,   I decided we were goin for it one way or another we were gonna be seen there.  I told Bob to hang on and away we went.  I had my boots on--what the hell.

He was so sweet to me.  We talked on the phone as often as we could but since I was trying to raise my kids and get my life in order we didnt always get to see eachother when we wanted to.
He planted flowers in my front yard on Mother's Day.

I wasnt ready for a relationship.  I was trying to do things to heal myself from a very bad bad break up.  And I got so confused I just kind of "cut it off" and by way of a cowardly letter.   What a fool I was and I didn't even know it.  I was in a fog of regret that prevented me from pursuing my destiny.

At the time we dated we lived 30 min. from eachother.

Fast forward exactly 7 years.   I'm in the store  grabbing something for dinner and who do I see?
The same beautiful sexy man that took me to the pumpkins.  He invited me over to where he stood to strike up a conversation.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad he did that.

I was lost for soooooo long and now I have been found.

This is all I can say.  I  am amazed.

        I ADORE YOU


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