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Something's wrong

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                       Something's wrong                                                   

                  (with the Bush Administration)

                 Things aren't always what they seem.

                    What appeared to be leaves blowing....up?

                        And then falling from the sky.

                   Actually was a whole flock of birds

                            becoming unable to fly.

                      But try and tell someone.



I wrote this in 2001. I don't know if there was the "bird flu" yet but I know the Bush Gore vote thing was going on. I was working as a news director for a local radio station. I scribbled this down on a envelope in my car five years ago. it's pasted in my book of conventional poetry. at most I may have showed 30 people. that's what's so cool about this site. I get to share more. it's really cool when I see someone from the other side of the world looking. listening. there's some Irony you don't see yet.



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