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Hi! It all started one faithful day on my day off.  I was sitting in my cubicle of a room, as usual, and was watching a My Chemical Romance interview.  They were showing thier all time favorite music videos.  Some I knew, others I didn't.  One of the members favorite music video was Bullet with Butterfly Wings.  As  I was sitting there watching I realized that I knew all the words to the song! Then it dawned on me that I recognized Billy's voice.  So I did some research via Youtube and watched all thier music videos and was kind of shocked that I knew allor the majority of the lyrics yet I had no idea who The Smashing Pumpkins where. Then one random weekend while in Dallas, I was going through my mixed tapes.  [As a kid I used to listen to the radio and whatever song I liked I would tape, haha..bootlegs] I got to one tape and it just happend to have about four SP songs, over and over and over again! [When I like a song I tend to put it on repeat and since those were tapes, I would just record the song many times] 

I am currently a memeber of the MCR street team and have lots of fun doing promo for them.  Since I've done some research and LOVE SP I decided I wanted to be more apart of them, if that makes any sense.  I'm still new since I don't know too much [not as much as I know about MCR] and figured I could join a forum, look for thier street team [I knew that they had broken up, but since they are back I figure they would have a street team now] and just hope that the fans here aren't eliteist and will welcome me Laughing


So that's my story as to how I became a SP fan.  Besides that info I figure you'd like to know more since you are reading my blog, lol! 

    My name is Mary Jessica Perez and was born and raised in good ol' Dallas, TX.  I am currently a nursing major at Oklahoma City University.  I am currently 18 years old, but will soon be 19 [in May]  I'm pretty shy, but I love meeting new people and in this case I would love to meet you all.  I'm a pretty laid back person and love music of the majority of genres.  [sorry, I honestly do not consider RAP a genre]


The End,



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