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Yeahhh I'm breakin' it in right.  Ok, first blog.  What shall I talk about?  Well since this is a Smashing Pumpkins site let's talk about my loooooooong-term love of all things Billy.
I've been so fucking into SP since ohh...1991 or so.  Yeah.  Before a lot of you were born, probably lmao.  I saw a video on this crappy late night video show that came on TBS cause I lived out in the boondocks in the middle of BFE (that's BumFuck, Egypt, btw) and I couldn't get any MTV or VH1.  I had it on record cause I was doin other stuff as well, in the hopes of catching something remotely cool, when this video started up with this psychedelic riff.  I ran back in the room, tripping over my little sister's toys, and saw the coolest band I'd seen or heard tell of in a long time, rpping it up on the song Siva.  Wow.  I was blown away.  I was in love with this band at first sight.
Needless to say I drove my mom crazy cause I watched that video CONSTANTLY.  All the time.  Smashing Pumpkins mania had struck me, and it never left.  I got myself a cd player (see, I told you we were deprived heatherns up in them thar hills) and one of the first cd's I bought was....yep, you guessed it, Gish.  I played it till I'm surprised the damn thing didn't melt in the player.  I was uber excited and I had to tell everyone I knew about this kickass band with a girl bassist and a guy with a voice so smooth and a scream so loud I piss my pants just thinking about it.  So, almost singlehandedly I spread Billy love all throught the hills of southwestern VA and eastern TN, prime redneck bible belt country, even though it wasn't easy.  But I kept it sleazy, baby, and I kept those mix tapes pumping, till soon I had people coming up to me in school saying "Pssst, there's this awesome retro-soundin', hard rockin' band we've heard about, they're called the Smashing Pumpkins and they got two girls in the band!"
Yay, Smashing Pumpk--what??  Two girls?  There's just one girl and an Asian guy, get it right, fuckwits!  But hey, what can ya expect from a buncha hillbillies?  At least they were onto summin good instead of hollering "Freebird!" at every dance and concert.
So, in closing this cherry-poppin first blog o'mine, I will say that I'm a SP and a Billy fan all the way till the day they put my beer-soaked redneck corpse in the grave, and even beyond.
Goddess bless Billy Corgan.


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