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I have to say, I was terrified when I first heard that Billy Corgan was planning on resurrecting the Pumpkins. Especially with how awful and terrilby dull Zwan was. His solo album is something I can't even mention because it either makes me physically ill or I want to cry from the heartbreak and disappointment.

If you go to

The">http://www.thepumpkins.net/">The Pumpkins dot Net

   You get the chance to hear one of the bands new songs. Now I must say I was scared to even click on the "play" button. However, I did gather the courage. I bit my lower lip and looked to the heavens for some comfort as I heard the little computer click effect go. Buffer... buffer... buffer... then what came out of my speakers, something that knocked me for a loop.  
   It was almost like I was hearing the past. But it was new and it wasn't stale like reheated left overs. It was the old Billy but he has his newly developed ego. Which made it almost sinfully better.  This eccentric self proclaimed rock king was wailing away into a microphone and playing his dear old gibson like a mad man. "Is it possible?" I asked myself. I kept listening waiting for some kind of catch. -Maybe a quick change up and he would move to the melancholy and utterly clusterfucked tunes that he kicked out with Zwan.- That moment never came. Just pure rockin vibes filled my ears.

3 minutes and 50 seconds of good music that brought me back to the good ol' days when I first fell in love with Billy boy and his pumpkins.

*le sigh* I am complete for the night, me thinks.


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