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A few song "secrets"

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this was all taken from http://www.faqs.org/faqs/music/smashing-pumpkins-faq/part2/ 

Bodies words spoken in background of second "Love is suicide" chorus- destroy / despise / distrust / disobey / destroy / distrust / disloyal / disarm / destroy / despise / dissect / deny / destroy / despise / distrust Bury Me song opens with James saying something (most plausible ideas are "Boys, let's do it" and "Poised like an angel") Cherry studio talk at beginning: "Listen- wanna just start it?" "Ready, Flood?" "Yeah." "1, 2, 3, 4..." Dancing in the Moonlight Billy talks at the end about choking in the middle of the song Daydream click of bow hitting cello at 1:10.5, jingly noises around 1:20-21 Galapogos incomprehensible muttering from 3:16-27 Glynis opens with synthesized "Hello", allegedly from a Red Red Meat song Hello Kitty Kat ends with Billy saying "Song's over" Honey Spider I Billy laughs at end & says "Aha! That's everything..." La Dolly Vita strange, cartoonish "Ooh!" noise at 3:33; cuckoo at 3:44 Marquis in Spades studio talk at beginning: "Rolling..." "I was just on another planet for a sec." "Run it back, Mole" (amp on) "Fucker." Quiet
strange, very quiet (ha ha) voices at the end of the song. Try it with headphones.

Silverfuck ends with BC saying "Alright, this take, don't give a fuck" & playing a few notes Siva (Peel Session) at 4:09, D'Arcy says she stepped on something; BC counts to 4 for re-entry Soma ends with TV evangelist clip: "and you need to resist the devil so that he will flee" Soothe "you can hear the 7am buses slithering by" at 2:18-21 (PI liner notes) Spaceboy ends with TV talk show clip: "Now it's, uh, kind of strange, and, uh, kinda hard for me to talk about, but I thought maybe you could help- um, when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends up just masturbating himself, and I end up feeling very alienated and unsatisfied, and it's really come between us-". Some versions include the clip as the beginning of the Silverfuck track. Starla "listen for the police car go by" at 5:27-30 (PI liner notes) Transformer starts with 4 drum clicks & Billy saying "Hit it" Where Boys Fear to Tread DOOM explosion mentioned in liner notes: 1:20, 1:55, 2:29, 3:01, 3:44


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