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Preordering Zeitgeist

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I preordered Zeitgeist on iTunes and I'm pretty pumped. But I noticed a few people who dont want to preorder. So, out of curiousity, how many of you guys are preordering the album?


I preordered it because I deffinatly think it's a way better deal.


The good thing about preordering it...

- It comes with extra tracks (and covers, but they usually suck)

- You don't need to make a trip out to the store to buy it.

- You dont need to worry about going to a store and finding out they dont have it.

- You get to buy tickets of ticketmaster before anyone who didnt buy the album in advance does.

- It's cheaper than buying the album  at stores especially including the fact tthat it comes with more songs.


And the only bad thing that I could think of...

-You dont get the actuall cd cover itself which would be prettyt cool to have.


So anyway, thats my opinion. What do you guys think?


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