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Atlanta Fiasco

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I hope Jimmy's ok and it's nothing some rest won't fix, but I can't help being extremely upset. the way the whole thing was handled was shitty for us. I took 3 days off work, put in for it back in Aug because I work for shitty fucking wal mart and you can never get fucking time off. I was so happy, that's what I'd been looking forward to for months, it's all I talked about. I'd been a die hard fan since 1991 and I'd never had a chance to see them. I bought a cute skirt outfit that looked like Billy (white and black stripes) and we drove 6 hours from the backwoods hills of Virginia (close to the TN line) to get there. We hung out with our friends who went with us, and it wasn't until 3 fucking hours before the show that we heard the 'unconfirmed rumor' about them postponing the show. We called my friend's dad and told him to check the website and see what was going on but there's nothing. We finally fight the Atlanta traffic to get to the Fox theatre and go see what's what. Sure enough, it's not happening, and because I bought my tickets from a nice girl on ebay I can't get a refund. $140 dollars (just the face value) and no Billy. I cried. Right on the street. I cried and cried. I'm just a poor, hardworking redneck girl in a big unfamiliar city with no Billy. No Pumpkins. No apologies, no prior warning, just a vague promise about rescheduled dates that if I don't have enough time to put in for the time off I won't be able to see. I cried on the way back to my friend's house. Yep, it's selfish, but what the fuck, man? How am I supposed to feel? I fought and fought to get days off so I wouldn't be so fucking tired and drive across four states or whatever the fuck for nothing. I missed a Halloween party up here and seeing my other hero Bill Mosely last friday cause I didn't have enough money to do both things. Yeah, I'm a selfish bitch right now, but I'm fucking upset. I can't help it. I can't just up and go to whatever concert I wanna go to, I have work and the sheer drive from the middle of fuckin nowhere where I live up in the hills with the cattle and groundhogs make it a once every couple of years thing. I'm devastated. I'm sorry if it offends any of you, and I don't want anything bad to happen to Jimmy. I love Jimmy, he's the shit. I would've been happy with an acoustic show if he was sick and couldn't make it. I would've been happy with Billy farting into the mike. Something. Anything. If they're all tired and overworked, then that's ok with me too. Take some time off to recover. Just why did you let me go on this big trip with no point and have me all worked up? And guess what my friend finds online when I get home, crushed, weeping like a little girl still wearing my futile Billy costume? Taht Billy went to this haunted house thing the day before and nothing was apparently wrong then. I coulda went to that just to meet Billy and make me not so miserable if he'd said something about it. I would've been happy with that, just to have gotten to meet him for a couple of minutes during some haunted house thing. Well, enough bitching, I'm gonna go drink and cry some more.


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