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Johnny Winter's Friend?!

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I don't know how many of you know about Johnny winter, but I learned something really interesting about my guitar teacher today.

 So, during lessons, he asked me whats songs I've been working on. I was kind of messing around with Tribute to Johnny today so I told him, "Tribute to Johnny... Johnny Winter."

And I never expected his response. He said, "Oh, Johnny Winter, I used to play with him all the time, we were friends."

I was speachless. I couldn't believe my guitar teacher used to be friends with a guitar legend.

"Yeah, also, I used to run a guitar shop. He would always buy things like picks and strings from me. Whenever he would count change to buy something, I remember him always holding it up to his face to see better (Johnny is Albino so he has very poor eye sight). Then I'd always tell him that I would count the change for him and he would laugh."


Now, I know for you this might not be very interesting because you don't know my guitar teacher. But I find it amazing.


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