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Hey, guys

You may know me as Event Of The Year here at thepumpkins.net, and probably most notably for my cover of "Zeitgeist" in the recent contest.  Over the course of the contest, I received many requests from some of the members of this site for original music, and I just wanted to say, yes, I do...


I'd like to disclaim that my intention here is not to use this site as a platform for blatant self-promotion, but I do appreciate the overwhelming response and encouragement from  many of you, and I'd like to address the requests made from me in one fell swoop. 


My name is Jeff Savage, and I hail from Los Angeles, CA, where currently I am assembling the band that these songs will be a part of.  Please check out my original compositions at:




If you are members of myspace, please consider adding me.  If not, still come by and take a listen to how Smashing Pumpkins have inspired me, and my musical growth.  I appreciate the warm reception I received here at thepumpkins.net, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks again,


Jeff Savage

 aka "Event Of The Year"


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