A poem

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just a drawing I did

Memory(title of drawing)


Lady Shallot

into the icy winds shadow's vale
aloft on the currents of time and fate
the time had come and gone to just contemplate
and with a last desperate gasp she set sail

the tapestry that held her muse
hours of her lonliness entwined
hung over the ships side, never more to be used
maybe even in her coffin lined

camelot never knew, never sensed her coming
the candles were hushed by the gale
fortelling her end in silent ache
but at last her heart would prevail
and she would be free forever in her prison break

tears did not stain her cheeks
nor did her crying fill the air
but her singing of release rose unto the castle peaks
and her wistfulness was all that was left in her frozen stare

it was not the end of the journey that made ammends
nor the travelled watery way
but the escape that comprehends
what Lady Shallot had conquered that day

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