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Please forgive spelling, punctuation, and structure. I only wrote one draft and was rather upset. Thanks. .... The reality that the last shreds of the smashing pumpkins are now (officially) dead is devastating. Billy?s words and Jimmy?s music were there for me when no one else was; I can?t emphasize enough how much the smashing pumpkins have helped me. When you?ve seen the worst humanity has to offer whether it be the ugliness of the streets, the desperation in an addicts eyes, or the broken spirit of a prostitute you trytrytry to search for beauty wherever you can. Maybe it?s a good thing the pumpkins are over. I always said there is only a fluid and changeable line between passion and obsession. And to those who have heard me talk about the pumpkins, I was way past passion. .... I won?t shed a tear or see this ending as something ugly. But I must say the world will be 7 shades of black darker without you. I guess this dooms day clock has struck its last hour and the pumpkins are set to a destination unknown. I?ll only remember the good that their music brought as I drift off in the arms of sleep. .... I guess I can only say that The Smashing Pumpkins have been perfect since 1979 and I?ll always think of tulips, perfect nights, and real love when I listen to them..... Billy Corgan was right, you can try to hold on but in the end, when the struggle to hold on is over you?re only left with a shadow of what you had?.... And know we'll go free With our hearts a little bit stronger Try to hold on For this love alone Try to hold on For this heart's a little bit frightened Just try to hold on Just try to hold on Just try....


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