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Fan Fiction - Cogs in the Machines of God - Chapter 5

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"Dammit! Dammitall!," roared Valentine, slamming his fist against the desk. "You tell me the Council's best agents have not only failed, but that they're a part of this I of the Radio bullshit?"

"It seems, Valentine, that they have more resources than we initially thought. They're jamming the spybots so we can't prove the Ghost Children are meeting there, and you said you'd get our proof, which you haven't," said Maya evenly. Her soulless eyes rarely blinked, and the businessman found if he looked at her for very long his own watered. "His popularity and income are ebbing, now is the time to do something." Her psychic abilities were telling her things were coming back the Ruling Council's benefit again, a big change was coming. Hopefully for the better.

Suddenly the man's face twisted into an evil grin. "I have an idea," punching the intercom he yells for Sydney to enter.

"Yes, my lord and master?," he quips sarcastically.

"Shut yer piehole and listen. I think I have a way to break Mr. Guru Glass. I want you to take care of that woman of his, June..."

Having been shopping June, her muscular arms full of bags, takes the servolift up to their abode. Walking through Glass's workshop she spots him working on some sort of gadget, muttering to himself. "Whatcha doing?," she asks him.

"Oh, not much. What have you been up to?," and his voice seemed rigid.

"I went shopping. They have these new hologram glasses at the--"

"Did you meet Snakeytooth there?," he interrupted her, looking up from his work, and she didn't like what she saw. His enchanting eyes were flat and cold, with the lines etched deeper around them.

Sitting her bags down she ground her teeth to keep from exploding. "No, I went with Saturnine and Psyche. What is with you? Talking to nobody that's there, not speaking with your guitarist?"

"I thought I could trust you, June."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I've done so much for you," he declared softly.

"Yes you have Glass, but Horus's balls you are a piece of work. Ordering people about and preaching your inflammatory gospel, causing riots. Talking to your radio like God's inside it. I remember that night I overdosed you said that God talked to you through the damned radio and that you had some kind of mission."

"I didn't think you'd remember, but yes that's the truth."

"Listen to yourself!," June was beyond annoyed and entering pissed-off mode. "You've got orphans and genetic mutants living in your house treating you like a god. You're fucking crazy! I thought it was a put-on, a part of your artistic side, a part of the philosophy you love so much. I didn't think you'd really believe it!"

"You never believed in anything," he accused, standing with his fists clenched in anger and disappointment. "I thought you'd always be beside me--I guess you never really loved me, either."

"I haven't ever been unfaithful to you, Glass, but I don't need you anymore. You're becoming something I can't understand and I'm afraid."

That hit him hard, rocked him back on his heels like an actual blow. "You don't mean that," he said. "You're the one, we were meant to be together. You were meant for me!"

"You're a fuckin' nutcase! All right, I never loved you! Yeah, great martyr, I used you and now I'm leaving!," she spun on her heel and took off toward the exit.

"June, wait!," he ran after her.

"I don't need you to save me, Glass. Go play with that fucking Tanya," she spat over her shoulder. "She sure seems interested in you and your fantasy world."

"You bitch, how could you?," he cried, grabbing her arm as she was about to enter the lift.

"Don't you touch me!," she hissed, nearly knocking him backwards. They stared at one another for a moment, then she stepped into the compartment.

"Please, I love you--," he pleaded.

"Glass...Good-bye, Glass." The lift lowered, taking her out of his life.

"Good-bye, June," he spoke to no one. He stood there, frail and bewildered for a few long minutes, then he called for Sandoz, Shaman and Psyche. He told them to go get her by any means necessary. "At least we can't part like this. Not like this," he tells them.

June had taken her small personal vehicle, the one she'd bought for herself. Tears running down her face she drove on through the stormy night, alone. She didn't even know where her destination was; she had a few friends she could maybe stay with for a while. Things were just too much to handle anymore, she needed to get away. "What the-?," she squawked as her headlamps went out just as she was rounding a curve. The hovercar lost control and tipped sideways, rolling down a steep incline several times before coming to a metal-screaming stop.

The wreckage was still smoking when Glass's personal transport showed up on the scene, the three Ghost Children exiting and mouths agape approaching. June was half-hanging out of the twisted car which wasn't safety-rated for such a crash. Carefully Shaman and Sandoz pulled her free, depositing her on the ground. She was gasping for air and bleeding from a horrible wound in her chest and her leg was bent at an unnatural angle. It also looked as though the back of her skull had been cracked. "Oh my God," gasped Shaman after surveying the mess.

Laying a long, slim hand on her forehead Psyche suddenly goes stiff, jerking slightly. "She's...she's dying," she finally tells them. She could feel the woman's agony.

"We have to get Glass, maybe he can save her. He's done it once before," the man suggests.

"It's too late for her," Psyche responds.

"She wants to tell us something," observes Sandoz. "Tell us what she wants, Psyche."

A few moment's silence. "She says she loves him, and she's sorry." The telepath's eyes widen, but she says no more.

"What is it?," demands the other woman.

"I...seem to fuck things up for myself...," June whispers, blood bubbling up out of her mouth. "Me and Glass--have that much in common."

"She wants us to get Snakeytooth," the psychic says in wonderment.

"But why? Why not get Glass, her man?," Sandoz asks.

"Because there's something she wants us to do and he's got access to some weird shit. Even though I think we shouldn't. She disobeyed Glass, which is disobeying the Everlasting God. She turned her back on him!"

"Are you crazy? Didya already forget who and what she is?," Sandoz hisses at her.

"Get away," growls Shaman, shoving Psyche aside, and touches the dying woman. "Fuckballs," he sputters. Then he scrambles up into their vehicle and accesses the car com. "Yeah, I need Snakeytooth, NOW." Pause. "Yeah, this is Shaman. June's been in an accident. Yeah. We need some shit brought here five minutes ago."

The scarlet-haired assassin was holding June's bleeding head in her lap and trying to soothe her, tears spilling from her big round dark eyes. "Help her," she barked at the telepath. "Dampen her pain a little." Sighing she touches the woman's forehead again and she seemed to relax a bit.

Later that night Glass's screams could be heard past the suburbs of Pan Angelus.

"God, why? How could this happen?," he screamed at the antique radio, the one from which he got his signals from the Great Beyond. "Talk to me! Why did you take her? Why won't you answer me?!"


He wept and railed like this way up into the morning.


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