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Fan Fiction - Screws Loose in the MOG - Chapter 1

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The young woman put the finishing touches on the makeshift canvas, which was made from a treated piece of wall paneling, and the easel was made from scrap pieces of wood and metal. Thick ebony hair curled around her face, spilling around her shoulders and down her back. Clear blue eyes squinted as she surveyed her work, finally satisfied. The subject was a feminine figure amongst a pleasant meadow of vibrant emerald, surround by concrete and steel ruins crumbling amongst the scene of nature. The figure was split down the middle, one side obviously happy, the other...something else. The expression could be sadness, or fear, or even confusion.

"Very nice," admired someone from the doorway.

Spinning around the lass grins, and the slight smile lit up her wide-cheekboned face in an almost magical way. "Thanks, Blue. It keeps me occupied." Her simple knee-length dress and painting smock were spattered with a myriad colors.

The hulking man shook his head. "I could never make summin like that. For one thing I don't have th'patience."

"It comes naturally to me, just like Glass makes wonderful music like it was easy as breathing."

The tattooed man's brow furrowed in concern. She referred to him by his name whenever she was pouting or otherwise butting heads with him. "You guys have another fight?"

"No, not that. It's just...well...kinda like having Elvis and Jesus wrapped up into one as your father. And having said icon trying to run your life and totally crimp your style."

"The terrible teenage years," Blue snorted. "Well, he's back if you wanna see him. He loves you, yanno."

"I know," Trisha sighs.

"He wants the best for you."

"I know," she grumbles. She squeezes Blue's bear paw hand and exits her chamber after doffing the smock, heading down the corridor to the Hall. Sure enough, there he was poring over some old maps laid out on the enormous table, scratching his chin. A sparse mustache and goatee graced his otherwise completely smooth head and face. He'd let his eyebrows grow back as well, making him appear more human now. In youth a big man, now he was tall and spare--yet no one who beheld him would mistake the power that clung to him like a cloak. His presence filled the room he was in, the grey jumpsuit rumpled from his long journey. Being the Messenger of the Great Beyond he had certain Gifts...and one of those was his awareness bordered that of pychics and telepaths.

"Trisha," he spoke. "I expected you to be gone."

"Why would I be gone when you told me to remain here?," she responded impertinantly.

Raising a greying eyebrow he scoffs, "When have you ever done anything I told you? He's here, isn't he?"

"Why Glass, whatever d'you mean?," she said, all wide-eyed and innocent. She knew it hurt him when she used his name.

The bald man chuckles this time. "Your infatuation with Jerry isn't high on my list of fatherly duties at this time. That stubbornness'll get you into a world of trouble one day, PA-trish-a." Sixteen years old and she knows it all. He also knew it irked her when he drew out her name like that. "I'm only human, after all, daughter mine," and he tried to keep the sorrow out of his voice when he said it.

"Dad, I--oh, shit. I'm sorry." She took his large long-fingered hand in her slender ones. She still had ambivalent feelings for her father, why hadn't he come for her when he first found out about her existence, why did he have to be the fucking Prophet and savior of the whole damn planet, why couldn't he just be a normal dad? Added to that was adolescent angst and a will as indomitable as Glass's and you had mucho drama.

"Do you know what a miracle you are?," he asked softly, his crystalline eyes full of his feeling for her.

"I've heard the story a million times, Dad."

"I mean, how much like both of us you are, and the fact that you're the 'Childe' everyone adores, and yet you're absolutely just you."

"Do I...do I hurt you, being like my mother? Sometimes I feel like it pains you to look at me."

"No! Don't ever think that. It's just that I loved June so much...it's still a raw wound right in my heart...but in you some of her lives on. And that makes me glad."

"You're right about Jerry being here," the girl admitted, fidgeting. All the talk about her mother and her father's feelings always made her uncomfortable.

"I was hoping to have a Jerry-free day," Glass sighed half-mockingly. "We have the Nexus to worry about."

"They're moving against us? For real?"

Glass nodded solemnly.


She came upon him strumming his guitar and singing as was his wont--he was first and foremost a musician. He was on the sundeck enjoying the spring sunshine and crooning under his breath, and the approaching woman made out some lyrics as she drew closer.

"Love is suicide...love is suicide..nobody's felt like you, no bodies...." The man stopped playing at the sound of indrawn breath. "Sandoz." He spoke the word as a statement, a question, a caress.

"Glass. I missed you," her eyes belied her neutral tone, inky black pools of wisdom and sorrow in a too-young face. A meager score of years younger than the man she seemed to be young enough to be his daughter, but her voice and eyes betrayed her. She also had the sneaking suspicion that the song he was improvising was about her.

He stood, placing his acoustic guitar back in its case and facing her. A mirthless smile graced his still-fair face. "So you came to see me off."

"What makes y'think I'll let you go?"

"Because it's what I wish."

"It's because I love you I can't let you do that, asshole." She crossed the space between them in a few large strides, dark eyes crackling with anger. "Why won't you let me in? Why?!"

He'd tried, God how he'd tried as he told her yet again. She'd loved him from the get-go and he just couldn't give everything to her the way he'd done with June. He'd given too much to his dead lover, and he wasn't willing to have another arrow in his heart. It was more than he could bear. And yet the pain and accusation in her piercing gaze was nearly more than he could handle.

"Well you go ahead and go trampin' off to Europe or wherever-the-fuck, and if I'm not there to bail your ass outta hot water then you deserve whatever you get. You taking Trisha too, gonna put her in harm's way but not me?"

"No, I was planning on leaving her with you. She's quite alot t'manage, I figured it would keep you busy."

The redhead snorted. "Fuck you and fuck the Nexus too." Shark smiles were exchanged between them.


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