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TOPIC: football jersey Bryant daughter playing with CP4 Fei Xia ridicule not blocked - Kobe Bryant - Lakers

football jersey Bryant daughter playing with CP4 Fei Xia ridicule not blocked - Kobe Bryant - Lakers 6 years 4 months ago #122217

February 19, according to "Los Angeles Times" news, even though Kobe Bryant and Paul playing together better vision was NBA commissioner David - Stern hand the negative, but Bryant's daughter and Paul's son play basketball together has become a reality the All-Star contest, warmth staged this scene -
In the All-Star break, Bryant took his girl Natalia came, Chris - Paul will bring his son Chris, the two children in the all-star contest intermittent play the whole day, In this two photos with children were playing basketball, Bryant stood in their midst, Bryant's daughter seems to be in the ball to Paul's son, and Paul's son is ready to catch the ball. Bryant laughed beside open arms.
"At least Little Chris and small Mamba the NBA can play together, the NBA commissioner David Stern should not reject it. " Bryant ridicule before David - Stern denied the Lakers and Hornets trade Paul's story.
Before Paul to the Clippers, the Lakers have been harvested almost to the league's top point guard, but for Stern, CEO at a critical time cross into a fortune, Paul and Bryant has long been a two-pronged approach. The deal is not successful, the Lakers only later, after chasing Nash and Howard's words.
And now perhaps also regret Bryant, if Paul can join the Lakers, the Clippers this season, the Lakers head to the ground-breaking yet? Paul came to the Clippers, this former western underdog transformed into an alliance among the teams, and to bring radical changes football jersey in the team, what Paul is that he had strong words against the Los Angeles Clippers Big Brother Lakers qualifications in the recent war in which a Los Angeles city, Paul led the Clippers beat the Lakers.
Compared to the Lakers and Clippers, who seems to be more compelling lineup some, but they are missing is a chemical reaction, from this season's dismal start to the current stumbling Lakers Kobe Bryant, Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, etc . delay between the players do not call, even if it is Kobe Bryant assists transition stem from living, the Lakers would still like six pulse Excalibur, when the spirit is not working. The Clippers are obviously not the same, in Paul's leadership, the team that everyone can find their place, in addition to outside Griffin, Paul, Billups, Butler, Crawford and other players are able to score, which makes the opponent off guard.
Paul in 2008, when he is fully capable nfl jerseys to get the regular season MVP, not just because he played at his best state, more importantly, he also helped his teammates better, as the league's most outstanding point guard, he was really able to pose a threat only Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, Paul ultimately not be able to claim the success.
And this season, Paul led the Clippers outstanding performance, the current Clippers record came in third in nfl jerseys wholesale the west, the Lakers ranked tenth in the west. And in the just-concluded All-Star contest, Paul performance is quite wonderful, and has won the All-Star MVP.

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