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TOPIC: what do i need to know about solos? please help!

what do i need to know about solos? please help! 11 years 4 months ago #52429

:yay hey guys hust joined last night and i'll start off by telling a little about myself.
I've been following the pumpkins ever since i saw the ava adore video on mtv and been hooked since and i was about 13. im 22 now and play guitar. I collect music video dvds like a bitch.
i gotta lot of pumpkins, i'm a member at the ZOMB trading site, demonoid, dimeadozen, tradesden possibly some more.
I thanked the heavens when they released the sp1 music videos on dvd format back in 01 or 02. i just heard about this gish boxet, wow what can i say, that is something to look fuckin foward to. anyways i collect a bunch of pumpkins stuff, i have some vinyls most are sealed, some are not, example 2 tristessas , i am one, etc etc. i gotta a lot of magazine clippings and pictures of the band, a lot of cool posters, i have a huge ass gish poster and adore. collect magazines as well too. Shirts are also something i collect. i have the lull shirt that is seen on vieuphoria.....paid alot for it, kind of ashamed but its my favorite sp thing ever. i could up a pic of it if anyone is iterested in seein in. I also got two of those lil girl shirts, a red heart shirt, smile/ disarm, im getting that blue pisces un poisson shirt in the mail soon heh. i hope you guys think collecting is cool.
anyway ill get to the really cool stuff and why im here and typing to you now.........first i'll talk about the cool stuff. I ALSO collect smashing pumpkins guitar equipment, whoah, did you see that one coming? Here's what i got
ada mp-1 pre amp, electro harmonix micro synth, skreddy pedal zero skreddy pedal mayo and devi ever rocket. also a electro harmonix small stone, i plan to buy a purple boss flanger soon and a mutron biphase After i get a big amp which im expecting for christmas. can you guess what it will be??
yes you guessed right marshall jcm 800 2203x reissue most likely. My guitar is a 1957 reissue strat. Please please spare me the pity of me if you think collecting equipment simply because a band you like plays it you should have it too. i've throughly enjoyed my pumpkin sound so much!!! its not all the stuff i have either i have a few ohter pedals but not as cool ass the sp shit i have ya know? like i say its just a hobby, an expensive one but i love it very much, call me insane if you wish......... but if you do/ don't please anyway try and help me out here.......i 've just started to try to attempt solos because im tired of playing rythm, is there any tips you guys can give me about play solos/lead guitar work on smashing pumpkins songs? lets starts with siamese/pisces or gish. are there any tricks, formulas, scales, just anything! anything at all that can help me out! im getting close and i know there are techinical ways to solo and im tired of trying to learn by everyones bullshit, when i know there are simpler ways of learning....that probably didn't make sense but i just realllly want someone to help me cause i got the energy, i know what position sometimes and where im suppose to be on the neck during the rythm chords in the backround when theyre being played, but i don't know the exact notes all the time, i do sometimes, but not every time.......especially on gish can't solo on gish worth shit.siamse is heard to...........what can i say i can't solo worth shit and im tired of it, but yet sometimes i can and i get really fucking excited and people say its like sex and what can i say they are right!
with much love
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Re:what do i need to know about solos? please help! 11 years 4 months ago #52481

start off simple. the first solo i ever played is the disarm from VMA 1994 i think? its also on vieuphoria, but its the heavy version of disarm.

practice bending, hammerons and pulloffs, etc...

keep challenging yourself


thats about it. good luck

hummer is an easy one and it sounds pretty sweet : )
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Re:what do i need to know about solos? please help! 11 years 3 months ago #54042

Stick to scales (pentatonic and blues scales). Practice hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bending for maximum effect.

Practice makes perfect!8-)
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Re:what do i need to know about solos? please help! 11 years 3 months ago #54044

everything you will ever need to know about solos you can learn from this eric clapton performance!

dont forget to throw in enter sandman every so often!

just kidding lol

but yeah about solos...

practice your scales alot. try figuring out what scale a song is in (or fits the best), and just jam in it along with the song.
try the hummer solo like teej said, and the mayonaise, ava adore, cherub rock, and here is now why solos are pretty sweet and sorta easy (for me at least).

one thing i like doing is putting why am i so tired on and just jamming with it for the whole 15 minutes. its a workout for your fingers playing that long too! the song is basically just C to D the entire time, so you can try some lead stuff in a D pentatonic scale.

if you dont know many scales, go to www.all-guitar-chords.com
its really helpful

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