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TOPIC: Top 10 Youtube Channels

Top 10 Youtube Channels 3 years 2 months ago #129373

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About a year ago, I started subscribing to youtube channels whose content I liked.

Youtube videos are great to watch in the morning before work, or sometimes after work before you're about to watch something on TV or a movie. They're not to be taken seriously, but they're fucking addictive and an entertaining way to kill time. As youtube channels are often run by one individual, things get personal and you get attached.

My top 10 youtube channels so far:

10. Paul Joseph Watson

Ever hear some bullshit online from someone about mansplaining and white privilege? And you didn't know what the fuck they were talking about? That was my experience. I youtubed those terms and wound up at Paul's channel.

Basically Paul is a right wing campaigner, Pro Donald Trump and Anti Hillary Clinton.

After watching his videos, even though I"m not an American, I'd say he's successfully brainwashed me into supporting his causes.

While ultimately he is completely biased, the level of bullshit he exposes from mainstream media Pro Hillary is shocking.

9. Scare Theatre

One of my first youtube subscriptions was to Rob Dyke who is a horror / true crime channel that details stories of the bizarre and macabre. I'm subscribed to many other horror channels at this point, including Mr. Nightmare, Caleigh Elise and Reignbot (there was also Paranormalana but she left), and of the many others I'm subscribed to Scare Theatre is my second favorite.

It's run by a guy named Eric who is pretty young, still a teenager I think. He manages to get hold of some very dark and chilling stories Rob Dyke and the others miss out on, especially when it comes to creepiness on youtube itself. His presentation is usually effective and enjoyable to watch.

8. Michael Cusak

Michael Cusak is an Australian animator who makes short skit clips. He only releases every few months, so its pretty rare to get something from him, but when he delivers its usually good. I love his takes on Australian culture with his regular Damo and Darren series, but even better than that are his two videos about a guy named Ted which I would label as horror. I'm linking below, you should watch for a bit of weirdness.

7. FreebirdPoland

This is a music channel that posts very obscure music, usually progressive rock related. I've gotten into a few great bands just by watching the videos on this channel. Bands I wouldn't know of otherwise. I'd love to know what some other channels like this are, but I imagine they're pretty hard to find because they're not popular.

6. The Amazing Atheist

I'd classify this as a news / opinion channel but without the enormous bias leaning of Paul Joseph Watson. Amazing Atheist doesn't have any real political affiliation but when he sees bullshit he likes to make videos about them. His responses to buzzfeed videos are killer.

5. GradeAUnderA

This guy is fucking nuts. Animated videos taking the piss out of everyone and everything. You have to watch it to know what it is.

4. Rob Dyke

Rob Dyke is a consistent uploader with many videos per week. Unfortunately where when I first came to the channel my eyes were opened up as they never had been to the horrors of the world, Dyke appears to have run out of material. It's turning into a bit like Watchmojo where the first year of vids they uploaded were great and then it just got to be too much. Every once in a while though he uploads something original and shocking so I'm always on the lookout.

3. Bearing

He's an anti-feminist, anti-SJW, bullshit hating Bear from Australia that is absolutely hilarious. Bearing usually uploads one or two vids a day and more than often they're always great. You won't believe the bullshit this bear finds.

2. Chris Stuckman

Movie Reviews made awesome. I've watched some other good movie review channels, but no one does it like Chris.

1. Cinemassacre

James Rolfe and his team need no introduction. I never really knew about their youtube presence when I discovered their cinemassacre site six years ago, but their content has always beaten everyone elses. Admittedly the AVGN stuff is leagues above most of their other stuff but James and Mike are both characteristically interesting people who have really great insights into a lot of things from a creative and human perspective. At the moment, I'm looking forward to their last Monster Madness this October.

This was my list.

Maybe you have some recommendations of your own...
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Top 10 Youtube Channels 3 years 2 months ago #129374

Really cool list. I like the look of The Amazing Atheist channel, I'll have to check his stuff out (I totally agree with him about all that nonsense over the x-men billboard). I don't really have any other recommendations, but I've been watching a lot of John Oliver on YouTube. Sometimes his show can be a bit too easy and biased but generally it's really great in calling out all the bullshit.
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Top 10 Youtube Channels 3 years 2 months ago #129375

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Yeah love the Amazing Atheist. I pretty much agree with 100 percent of what he says, and he's even able to change my mind on a few things. He has a grip on reality. I got into an argument online with a woman about that X-men billboard. It's like, did the world turn crazy overnight? I never had anything against social justice until I saw how far they were taking it. Billy Corgan was right, it's like a cult.

I looked up John Oliver and see he's on a channel called Lastweektonight so I'll check out a couple of those videos.
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