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Steven Wilson 2 years 1 month ago #129511

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My favourite song on To The Bone is Blank Tapes, the bare groove of Song Of I (why doesn't SW go full in when he's already attempting to ape black music?) and the first half of Refuge.
Anything else feels to shallow and pretentious to be favoured.
After countless relistens,To The Bone seems to stay SW's ultimate bomb, his private Monuments To An Elegy.
The Incident was slightly boring and far below the bar set with Blank Planet, but To The Bone is an entirely different animal to me and I can't believe how this would follow a masterpiece like Hand Cannot Erase.
I'm sorry, but I feel like everybody gets the joke except me.

It's always those prog musicians that refer to SP as influential and I'm happy about that.
Bruce is absolutely right, MCIS-Adore-Machina Pumpkins were prog's missing link indeed, it was the perfect blend of gothy 90s alt rock and old school progressive rock...and those two happen to be my favourite genres for some reason, so here we go :).

Thanks for mentioning the re-issue of the first TPT album, I didn't know about that - instant order!
To be honest, I slightly lost interest in TPT over the course of their latest two albums.
Magnolia was an unremarkable pop album to me without any highlights, much like 10 Stories Down's boring young brother, and Wilderness, although way more creative, felt a little boring and bland.

Anyways, I can't wait to finally listen to Abducted for the first time after all these years.
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Steven Wilson 2 years 1 month ago #129512

I was very pleased that TPT's debut album was reissued too - also an instant order :)
I hadn't listened to it in years, but it's actually a great album and I'm enjoying "rediscovering" it now (and nice to have the CD to add to my collection).
I do think TPT have gone off track with the last couple of albums. Although they're quite enjoyable, they do feel underwhelming at the same time. They seem to lack the creativity and larger scope of earlier albums. They're barely even prog anymore (not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but it seems weird that Bruce still seems to describe them as being prog or like Pink Floyd). I'm hoping they will do something a little different on their next album.

I can't believe you just compared To The Bone to Monuments To An Elegy though! :o
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