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Trailer at

There's a new Billy track during the trailer (I'm guessing a new track from Ogilala).


Apparently the entire movie uses Ogilala as the soundtrack.
NO HERO DIES BUT TWICE. Announcing PILLBOX, a short film written by Billy Corgan and soundtracked by his new solo album, OGILALA. The film will be premiering in select cities below. Limited tickets on sale Friday at 11AM PT at All tickets come with a limited edition lithograph, the first 20 purchased signed by Billy.
10/05: London, UK - Appearance by Billy Corgan
10/9: Los Angeles, CA - Appearances by co-director, Linda Strawberry, and select cast members only
10/11: Chicago, IL - Appearances by Billy Corgan and co-director, Linda Strawberry
10/12: New York City, NY - Appearances by Billy Corgan and co-director, Linda Strawberry
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Machina Reissue - by: superchrist Machina reissue. Based on the opinions of the members of this forum, I think it's safe to say that this reissue is the one we have been looking forward to the most. Obviously we will see its release sometime in 2015. Any guesses on when it will be released? Based on the pattern of previous reissues, I'm betting that it will be released in July. (Hopefully.)

I think it's going to be tough for Billy to screw this one up. There's so much quality material from this era, that anything he puts on the reissue will be met with excitement. Obviously there will be stuff included that has already been bootlegged, but it will be nice to have the material in better quality, for sure. Any guesses on what will be included?

Acoustic Demos
"Pale Scales"
Final 2000 Metro Show on DVD
VH1 Storytellers

We already know that the two albums will be remixed and joined together for the first time. It will certainly be interesting to see what the tracklisting was originally supposed to be.

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